ISABELLA Mai Jones has loved books since the age of three and she now uses her love of reading to raise money to help children less fortunate than herself.

The seven-year-old Churchfield Primary pupil reads stories which are posted on her Facebook page Reading with Isabella Mai which has followers tuning in from as far away as Colorado and New Zealand.

Mum Cheryl McMullan, of Silverstone Avenue, Cudworth, said: "Isabella Mai had her love of reading blossomed at nursery, her key worker Jane really inspired her to love books.

"She had been reading at home with me and her Dad but Jane inspired the love of reading further. Her school have been behind her and always encourage her with her reading. They selected her as reading ambassador next term and we all think it's the perfect role for her to continue to help other kids, by doing something she’s excellent at.”

It was during a family trip to Leeds that the idea was hatched to use her story-telling to help those in need.

Cheryl said: “We saw a homeless person and Isabella Mai really wanted to help so we went to Greggs and got him some food but it stuck in her mind and we decided we would try to raise some money for the Trussell Trust.”

Since then Isabella Mai has also raised money for a childhood cancer charity and Cheryl says that her daughter is always looking for ways to help out in her own little way.

Isabella Mai’s next project is to read ten books before school starts again on her Facebook page and then hide the books around Cudworth and Barnsley town centre with a little handmade card directing the children to her page to read along with her.

Cheryl said: "Her aim has always been to help children and she’s so keen to continue this.

Her determination is inspiring to her whole family. Isabella Mai has always wanted to help children and goes out of her way to even go up to a child sitting alone and be their friend.

She’s got a true caring heart.

“Her Dad Daniel and I are ever so proud of her and will continue to encourage her to follow her dreams of helping other children from all walks of life."