TEENAGERS who have helped more than 100 vulnerable families across Barnsley have been nominated for a Proud of Barnsley award.

Food hampers were provided to 136 families to support them through the summer holidays thanks to the sterling efforts of the youngsters.

The Wellspring Walkers undertook the project as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme through Barnsley FC’s Reds in the Community scheme.

They completed a sponsored walk and worked alongside other organisations to pack and deliver the food parcels worth more than £9,000.

The sponsored walk raised £278, with HisChurch (in collaboration with GMB Union) providing £8,800 worth of food.

Fedex delivered the hampers, Morrisons provided the packing boxes and Barnsley Council offered storage facilities and helped with the packing and delivery.

In order to decide who should receive the hampers, the group worked with Barnsley-based multi-academy trust Wellspring to identify those in need of support who have children attending its schools.

Carole Foster, external funding officer at Wellspring, said: “At a time when people are facing multiple financial challenges through the cost of living crisis, this project has made a huge difference to lots of vulnerable families at our Barnsley schools.

“The teenagers worked really hard and developed valuable skills through the scheme whilst also helping others.

“Our motto at Wellspring is ‘We Make A Difference’ – as we head into the school holidays, these young people have certainly achieved that!”

The Wellspring Walkers have been nominated in the Charity Fundraising Team category.