A YOUNG boy who was allegedly targeted due to his nationality last month had the chance to meet one of Barnsley FC’s stars at the weekend.

A police investigation was launched after 12-year-old Oskar Majewski, of Darfield, was reportedly attacked and told to ‘go back to Poland’ by bullies.

Last weekend, the year seven Netherwood Academy pupil had the chance to meet one of Barnsley’s Polish stars - international footballer Michal Helik.

His mum, Majka, said: “Oskar was over the moon to be able to meet with Michal at Oakwell on Saturday.

“He really enjoyed it and he loved him.

“He’s not a massive football fan but he follows the Poland team and now he wants to go to some more Barnsley games next season which is good.”

Barnsley centre-back Michal told the Chronicle: “As soon as I was told about Oskar’s story I immediately wanted to help.

“Bullying is something no one should experience regardless of anything like race, ethnicity or gender.

“I know how difficult it can be to move to a new country and adapt to your surroundings.

“By being able to meet Oskar and his mum, I hope I can be a familiar face in Barnsley and was able to put a smile on his face.

“When we were chatting, Oskar mentioned he wasn’t much of a football fan, but now he has been down to the stadium and got a feel for the place, hopefully he might start being a regular at Oakwell.”