POLICE are warning Ford Fiesta owners following a surge in thefts.

More than 80 have been stolen from across South Yorkshire since March as Fiestas can be stolen without keys – considerably easier than other cars.

Police are now encouraging Barnsley residents to be more wary.

Detective Inspector Lee Wilson said: “There are various ways owners of Fiestas can reduce the risk of their vehicle being stolen.

“These include purchasing an inexpensive Faraday pouch which blocks the radio waves from your keys, fitting a steering lock to your vehicle, keeping the keys as far away from your car as possible, or if you are a two-car household and one doesn’t have keyless entry, you could use it to block the other one in.

“Remember, these criminals are looking for an easy opportunity so if your car has an obvious full steering wheel disc lock in place, that’s immediately going to put them off.”