POLICE have issued a warning about the use of e-scooters after another rider has been seen flouting rules.

South Yorkshire Police's Off Road Team have warned of improper use of the scooters, which are illegal for use on roads and in public places.

A spokesperson for the SYP Off Road Team said: "Little reminder about e-scooters.

"Hats off to this pro e-scooterer, he certainly has all the gear for the job.

"If your going to do something then might as well go all in.

"Unfortunately he chose to ride down the Trans Pennine Trail.

"These are not mobility scooters are they are not electrically assisted pedal bikes.

"They shouldn’t be on the road (unless specific council legislation in place allowing) or on bridle path, pavements or foot paths.

"They can be ridden on private property with land owners permission.

"E-scooters are considered to be powered transporters for which is it not possible to get insurance, meaning it is an offence to ride them on the road or any other public place - and riding on the pavement is illegal under the 1835 Highway Act.

"We don’t make the laws, but want to use this platform and interesting picture to educate people on the e scooters to ensure you don’t purchase one and have it seized for incorrect use.

"The photo was taken in the Penistone Area.

"Keep reporting criminal use of bikes and quads and anti social behaviour."