A WOMAN is appealing for help to find her missing cat after posting more than 1,000 posters on her hunt.

Claire Facer has said that her cat, Tyler, has been missing for more than a month.

He’s presumed stolen and there has been no sightings of him or a deceased cat in the local area.

He is missing from the Cemetery Road area of Wath.

He has had cancer treatment and is due follow ups and so the family is extremely worried.

She said: “He doesn’t usually go off the street.

“None of the cat charities, vets or council have seen him.

“If he’d have been knocked down we’d have found him.

“He has the look of a pedigree so I’m wondering if someone has stolen him.

“He is a much loved family member who has late last year been treated for cancer and needs to see vet for check ups.”

If you have any information, contact 07906775659, 07478858583 or 01226758121.