HUNDREDS of volunteers – searching on quad bikes, horseback and with drones – have been on the hunt for a missing dog in Langsett for the last three weeks.

On December 18, 14-year-old springer spaniel Scrappy went missing while on a walk at Langsett Reservoir with his owner Ian Cousins.

Three weeks have passed and hundreds of volunteers have searched for Scrappy through a variety of means to no avail – though it’s not dampened their spirits and they’re continuing their search.

Ian’s wife, Louise, 51, from Goldthorpe, said it’s heartbreaking losing Scrappy after 14 years, but the support they’ve received since has been ‘completely overwhelming’.

She added: “It has been devastating – Christmas has just come and gone.

“It’s heartbreaking to lose him after so long but the support has been absolutely amazing – we never expected anything like this.

“We’ve had sniffer dogs on the case and we’ve camped out over night to find him.

“He’s done this walk hundreds of times before but this time when he ran into the heather he didn’t come back.”

If you want to get involved with the search, visit ‘Find Scrappy’ on Facebook.