AS CHRISTMAS creeps ever closer, children across the borough will be getting excited for the arrival of Father Christmas. One sleep charity has shared expert tips to make sure your little ones are asleep on Christmas Eve, just in time for Santa.

Dozy Owl is a UK-based mattress provider, and they put together a list of handy tips parents can use this festive season.

Doing something active on Christmas Eve is a great way to tire out your children. After an action-packed day your children will be climbing into bed to get some well-needed rest.

Giving them something nice to drink before bed can also help them to settle. Drinks such as warm milk or Horlicks can help them to get to sleep easier.

Sometimes the best way to get your child to sleep is to take their mind off Christmas. It may be that they are too excited for the day ahead, so helping them think of other topics can help them to relax.

The final tip is to lead by example.

Walton Holcomb, a spokesperson from The Dozy Owl, said: “Children will be a lot more inclined to go to bed on time if they see their parents have also gone to bed.

“It also helps to alleviate the feeling they are missing out on fun if you’re also in bed.”