DID you know it takes one hour for one unit of alcohol to leave your system?
The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership wants to encourage drivers not to drink and drive this festive season as part of their Christmas Crackdown campaign.
They aim to raise awareness of how long alcohol can stay in your system, and you may still be over the limit, even if you stopped drinking hours before.
A spokesperson for the team said: “It is possible to still be over the legal limit the following day.
“An average liver can process approximately one unit of alcohol per hour, starting one hour after drinking has stopped.
“This means that if someone drinks 12 units, it can take them roughly 13 hours to fully sober up.
“If you are caught you may banned from driving, have points added on your licence, an unlimited fine, or even imprisonment.

“This will mean increased insurance costs, potential job loss and even restrictions on travel to other countries such as the United States.”