AS we head towards snow and icy weather, a lawyer has shared tips so you know what your rights are if you slip on ice.
This week, the MET office issued weather warnings across the country as Storm Arwen continues to rage.
This could bring snow and ice, and a lawyer from Lime Solicitors has shared a list of your rights in cold weather.
If you are injured at work you could claim compensation.
Employers have a duty of care to all employees to provide a safe workplace.
All floors and traffic routes should be free from hazards – including ice – and car parks and entrances should be kept safe to prevent staff from slipping.
If you fall on private property you can file a Occupier's Liability Claim in which you would have prove that the owners of the building had not taken reasonable steps to keep the building safe – for example letting snow build up.
However, the law does not require people to keep their property completely safe from harm.
Finally, homeowners have a duty to take reasonable steps to make sure that people on their property are safe.
However, they cannot be sued if someone slips and hurts themselves in icy weather.