A VET charity wants to help keep your pets safe during the darker nights and has released ways you can help your pet to be seen by drivers.

PDSA is urging owners to be aware of the dangers that roads and traffic can pose to our four-legged friends.

The first tip is to invest in a reflective collar.

This can make it easier for drivers to see both cats and dogs if they run into the road – just make sure they have a 'quick release' function so they can be rescued easily if they get stuck.

Similarly, adding an LED light to your dog's collar can help improve visibility.

Keeping your dog on a short lead is the best way to keep them safe to prevent them from running off.

Also teaching your canine companion commands to keep them safe on the road can be beneficial.

Simple commands such as asking them to 'sit' and 'wait' at the side of the road can help keep your dog calm so it won't be spooked by oncoming traffic.

PDSA vet Lynne James said: “Before you do anything else, make sure you have pet insurance in place.

“If the worst happens and your furry family member is involved in a road accident, pet insurance will help to cover the cost of veterinary treatment for their injures.”