THE number of Barnsley Hospital patients with Covid reached its highest point since February last week.

The amount of patients in hospital with the virus is closing in on 100 for the first time since February.

Last Thursday, the number of patients in hospital with Covid reached 85 – the highest figure since February 25 – and a week later, it’s 81.

The number of people on ventilation beds is nine.

A Barnsley Council spokesperson said: “The pandemic is still very real and continues to cause severe harm locally in Barnsley, across the UK, and around the world.

“While the vaccine is protective, the combination or rising overall rates, rising rates in the over 60s, waning immunity from infection and vaccinations, and the wider impact of winter and from other diseases, mean that we are all exposed to very serious risk and the people must vulnerable in our borough are taking the brunt of it.

“Covid-19 is now very much an additional source of harm on top of all the usual risks to health, especially during winter.”