IN A bid to help make the town carbon net zero, residents are being asked to voice their opinions on the climate crisis.

During the online event, it will be explained what the council has been doing to become net zero.

The aim of the event is to discover what residents think of these plans – and to find areas that need to be improved.

Residents are urged to raise their concerns about the transition to net zero, and council members will be on hand to answer any queries.

A spokesperson for the Barnsley North Area Team said: “We know there are high levels of concern among residents about climate change.

“People have day to day challenges to deal with, but on top of that they hear more and more about the climate crisis and how that will affect them too.

“Barnsley Council want to make sure that the transition to net zero in Barnsley benefits everyone.

“This is an opportunity to join an online event and listen for a short while as we explain the different changes that we think need to happen. It is also a change to share your views, hopes and fears.”

The online session will take place on November 18 at 6pm. To join the session, click here.