IF you have tested positive for Covid-19, you should wait up-to four weeks for your vaccine – guidance shows.

As the coronavirus vaccination programme continues, health bosses want to advise residents to wait at least a month, or until you have fully recovered from the virus before receiving your vaccine.

A spokesperson for Barnsley CCG said: “We know that your body will produce a better and stronger antibody response if you have the vaccine than if you get the infection naturally.

“There is no evidence of any safety concerns from vaccinating individuals with a past history of Covid-19 infection, or with detectable Covid-19 antibody, so people who have had Covid-19 disease (whether confirmed or suspected) can still receive the Covid-19 vaccine when it is their time to do so.

“People currently unwell and experiencing Covid-19 symptoms should not receive the Covid-19 vaccine until at least four weeks after they have recovered.”