A HOYLAND Common man who gained an interest in space after believing he saw a UFO in 1981 has published his first sci-fi book.
Allan Kelly, 63, of Chapel Street, released his book ‘A Birthday Out of This World’ earlier this month – and it’s a little out of the ordinary.
It focuses on a young couple who meet on a dating app who end up finding a random man in the road – that’s where their problems start as they get abducted.
Allan started to write the book while he was waiting for an operation which caused him to take time off work.
He said: “I worked on the book for the most of last summer during the lockdown.
“I was waiting for an operation and it kept getting postponed due to the pandemic so I decided to start writing.
“I’ve been interested in space, space travel and UFOs for a long time after seeing one in August 1981.
“I hope to write another if it all goes well as I enjoyed this as it kept me busy during the lockdown months.”
The book can be bought at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon Books.