ANTENATAL classes will now be held via Zoom for parents who may have missed face-to-face appointments due to the pandemic.

The appointments will be held by Barnsley Hospital midwives who will be on hand to answer any questions new parents might have.

The session will cover:

*Optimal foetal positioning

*Preparing for birth (including coping strategies at home)

* What happens when you come into hospital

* Pain relief

* Stages of Labour

* What happens after you’ve had your baby

The E-Midwife said: “We have missed providing our usual Active Birth sessions due to the current climate, and know some of you have too. So we are currently offering a virtual antenatal class.

“Many of you are probably using various video calling apps already to keep in touch with family and friends. We will be using Zoom to set up a video call between two midwives at the hospital and individuals/couples booked at Barnsley.”

The antenatal class will take place on Monday at 5.30pm.

To book email