WITH the rise in online dating, and now that lockdown restrictions have eased, going out on dates may become a regular occurrence – but officers have urged residents to remember consent.

Officers from South Yorkshire Police want to help clear up any misconceptions about consent to raise awareness about what can become sexual assault.

Their advice centres around consent and the fact that it can be revoked at any time.

“Consent cannot be coerced, pressured or forced, and consent cannot be assumed or ambiguous,” a spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said.

“Consent cannot be determined by clothing or appearance.

“Someone’s consent can change; it can be withdrawn at any time.

“Your relationship with someone, such as being married or in a relationship, does not predetermine consent.

“Being drunk, under the influence of drugs or unconscious means someone cannot give their consent.

“The absence of the word ‘no’ does not mean someone gives their consent.

“Touching someone with a sexual motive without consent is sexual assault. Having sex with someone without their consent is rape.

“It is simple: if someone doesn’t want to, or doesn’t seem to want to do something; stop. If you don’t, you have committed a crime.”