PENISTONE and Stocksbridge Climate Action Group’s third Zoom event to discuss the ‘climate emergency’ was held last Sunday.

The event was ‘well attended’ by a number of organisations including Barnsley Trades Union Council, the Better Buses Campaign, and the deputy leader of Sheffield City Council, Julie Grocutt.

Nic Franklin-Woolley, a spokesperson for the event, said: “Julie explained Sheffield’s 2019 declaration of a climate emergency which stated a goal to reach net zero carbon output by 2030.

“A plan was commissioned which touches every aspect of life and work in the city, focussing on specific actions for everyone and what the council can do to enable city wide action.

“There are over 80 recommended actions that are set out for the council, situated stakeholders, and the government.

“The report shows that Sheffield could reduce its carbon emissions to 85 per cent by 2030.”