STUDENTS at a primary school in Royston teamed up with a community group to target littering hotspots across the village.

Meadstead Primary School, based on Meadstead Drive, formed a group called the ‘Eco-Warriors’ who have been clearing waste in the local area.

On Friday, the class joined community group Royston Watch on their litter-pick in a bid to look after their green spaces.

Nichola Smith, the executive headteacher, said: “We have taken the decision to reduce our carbon footprint and look at how we can make our community and world a better place to live in.

“We have created a community across the academy looking at how we can do this as part of every day life.

“The children were really surprised how much litter and rubbish had just been thrown away and not recycled.

“The children have a full programme of how else we can become more environmentally-friendly moving forward such as our own compost bins, growing our own fruit and vegetables and different recycling bins.

“The children were so proud of what they had achieved and can’t wait to do more in the community.”