COUNCIL bosses want to encourage others to embrace nature by creating a competition to win a state-of-the-art compost bin.

As part of a new campaign launched by the Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham Waste Partnership, residents are being urged to turn their household waste into compost to help cut down on carbon emissions.

Composting for just one year can save greenhouse gases equivalent to all the carbon dioxide produced by a kettle for one year, or a washing machine for three months.

Abi Cox, community education liaison officer based at Manvers, the waste treatment facility which diverts 97 per cent of Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham household waste from landfill, said“Composting at home gets more use out of garden waste and saves space in bins and money on fertilisers for the garden, so it's beneficial for the environment and your pocket.

“The Royal Horticultural Society has reported a 500 per cent increase on the ‘how to compost’ section of their website, and we want to do our bit to encourage even more people to take the plunge.”

The competition will be run on the Waste Less South Yorkshire Facebook page and will run throughout April and May.