VANDALISM to a monument designed with the help of local youngsters won’t discourage a community from positive progress combatting antisocial behaviour.

It’s thought that the paint thrown over Grimethorpe’s Millennium Obelisk, on Millennium Green, over the weekend was the doing of some of the current generation of youths.

Hayley Sambrook came across the damage on Sunday and shared a photo online.

“It was really sad – it’s a real lack of respect,” said Hayley, 34, of Raymond Avenue.

“There was no thought process there.

“It is very easy to say kids are horrible and discriminate, but there’s obviously a problem that needs to be looked at.

“There’s got to be something missing – to be that bored you think throwing paint over a monument is a form of entertainment.

“You’re always going to get a few – but it’s not just a case of letting something happening and then dealing with the problem, you need to stop the behaviour from happening in the first place.

“I’ve only lived here a short time but I love the sense of community there is.”

The monument was opened by Brassed Off actor Pete Postlethwaite in December 2000, with local schoolchildren designing the plaques on each side.

Coun Anita Cherryholme confirmed the incident has been reported to area councillors.

Thankfully, it looks like the paint can be safely cleaned off.

“It’s probably young kids, and people are thinking they got the paint from the supermarket,” she said.

“School kids around here do quite a bit for the community and with the community.

“It’s a shame some people don’t realise the damage they do with these silly things.”

Ann Skelton, of Grimethorpe Residents’ Group, added: “The truth of the matter is, around Grimethorpe, these kinds of things are happening less and less often.

“People do actually report things more and I think that’s getting through to the people who do these things.

“The amount of residents who get out of their houses and do things around the community now is amazing.”