FIREFIGHTERS responded to five fires across Barnsley over the weekend.

The crew from Barnsley station was called to Dearne Hall Road at 7am on Saturday after a Volvo was set on fire.

Clothes on top of a cooker were accidentally set alight when a hob was switched on at a home on Wright Crescent in Wombwell. Crews from three teams – Dearne, Tankersley, and Cudworth – were called to the scene at 11am on Saturday and managed to extinguish the flames.

Firefighters from Cudworth were called to a fire on Craven Court in Grimethorpe after a garden incinerator toppled over and ignited a neighbour's shed. The crew was called at around 8pm on Saturday.

An industrial freezer caught fire at a residential care home on Sandygate, Wath-upon-Dearne shortly before 1am on Sunday morning. Firefighters from Rotherham and Dearne fire stations responded, to tackle the blaze which caused some damage to the room the freezer was in. Most residents were not evacuated.

Cudworth firefighters responded to a tent that had been set alight on Cemetery Road, Barnsley at 11.54am on Sunday.