A SCAM that targets people wanting to pay in car parks has been reported.

Council bosses have urged residents to remain vigilant following numerous reports of residents being approached by a fraudster.

In the scam, residents are approached by someone speaking in a broken French accent asking to purchase a ticket for them on their card, and they will pay the customer in cash.

After the customer puts their card into the machine and enters their pin, they’re deliberately distracted by the scammer while their card is stolen from the machine.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “The thief pretends the machine has swallowed the card and offers to call the phone number on the side of the machine.

“They call someone pretending to be a council worker and says the card will be returned to the customer’s address within ten days.

“Money is then taken daily from the customer’s bank account until they realise.

“Please be aware that pay and display machines cannot ‘swallow’ a card.

“If you’re approached by people attempting this scam, please report it to South Yorkshire Police.”