LEADERS at a nursery have appealed for funds to help build a vital sensory room for children with special needs.

Staff at Rainbow Day Care, based on Duke Street in Hoyland, have launched an online fundraiser to install a sensory room which could provide life-changing support to SEND pupils.

The room will be full of lights, bubbles, cushioned walls, floors and soothing music to help stimulate children who may need additional calming measures.

The team hope to raise £750 towards the room, but will also be applying for grants in the hope it will boost their budget.

Sue Herbert, co-owner, said: “We do have a number of children with special needs so we want to give them the best care possible.

“We have had parents approaching us and encouraging us to start this fundraiser as it’s for such an important cause and they wanted to donate directly.

“We’ll also be applying for as many grants as we can to help build the total even further but we haven’t heard anything yet.”

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.