RECYCLING centres across the borough will remain open with social distancing guidelines essential at all times - despite major queues.

Council bosses have confirmed that all council household waste recycling centres will stay open as the town remains in lockdown.

Recycling sites including Smithies Lane in Smithies, Nicholas Lane in Goldthorpe and Springvale in Penistone will be open from 9am.

The recycling centre in Worsbrough opens at the earlier time of 8am.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Council said: “The sites are generally quieter early in the mornings, and busiest between 11am and 2pm.

“If you can brave the rain, wet weather often means the sites are quieter too.

“It is not safe to let traffic queue out on to the road, so site entrances are closed when the internal queue is full, or when the length of the queue will stretch beyond closing time.

“If you spot a ‘site closed’ sign, please come back another time when we are less busy or contact us about our bulky collection service.”