STAFF at a Mapplewell launderette received a boost after a grateful customer left them a letter, thanking them for their work during the pandemic.

The letter was given to staff at Cleanworld, Darton Lane which has remained open throughout each national lockdown.

“The gentleman comes in once a month to do some washing,” said co-owner Rebecca Smith. “He is a lovely man and he always has a chat and he parks outside the shop to wait while his washing finishes.

“The other day he came up to us and gave us the letter and it realy cheered us up.”

The customer thanked staff for remaining open and for showing him how to work the machines.

He also commended the staff for their hard work throughout the past year.

“I think for a lot of people, coming to the launderette has become a place to socialise,” added Rebecca. “We always try to help our customers and it has been really nice to see everyone because we know how lonely lockdown can be – especially if you're on your own.

“During the first lockdown we were open, but we hardly had any customers because everyone was at home, so it's nice that customers have returned to the shop and it was lovely to receive the letter, I know it cheered us all up.”