A WOMAN who wants to help support women through the menopause has created a song to hep raise money for a charity that furthers research into the topic.

Sue Copeland, 57, created the a Facebook group, Menopause - Advice, Info & Support for a Positive Change with Sue, to help women to share their advice and tips throughout their menopausal period.

The group soon took off and now has almost 3,000 members from across the world.

To help the group get in the festive spirit, and to raise a smile, Sue and other members of the group created a song – The 12 Days of the Menopause – where they sing about the symptoms they have experienced.

“The group is a great way for women to come together and find other people with shared experiences,” said Sue, formerly of Athersley South.

“I had made a few posts about the 12 days of the menopause, and someone suggested that we make it into a song so a few of us put together the song and posted it in our group.”

The song has been viewed more than 3,000 times and Sue hopes it will be used to raise money for a new menopause charity that is under development.

“I think it's great that more is being done to help women through a difficult period in their lives,” added Sue. “I think women are often left to 'just get on with it' when in reality it's a big change and women want to speak about what's happening to them.

“We want to raise money for The Menopause Charity that is being created by Dr Louise Newson which will help support women through it, and help train doctors and GPs to be able to better support people through it.”

To view the 12 Days of Menopause song, click here.

To donate to the crowdfunding page, click here.