BIRTHING partners with expectant mothers at Barnsley Hospital have been urged to attend the birthing centre for selected appointments due to the virus.

Currently birth partners, from the same household or bubble, are allowed to attend for all appointments including the 12 and 20-week ultrasound scans, the early pregnancy assessment unit, and the antenatal and postnatal ward for one hour per day.

The safety of the hospital’s clinic and scan rooms are also being strengthened to make sure that those attending are safe.

A spokesperson for Barnsley Hospital said: “Barnsley’s maternity service remains committed to facilitating support for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and childbirth and are currently working through plans.

“We are strengthening the safety of our clinic and scan rooms, and waiting areas will soon have additional screens to ensure mothers and their birth partners feel safe and secure.

“Risk assessments are regularly reviewed and updated in all areas by the maternity team and we continue to review these in light of the new national guidance in relation to maternity services.

“Our website, e-midwife service, and the Barnsley Maternity Voice Partnership will provide updates to any service changes as they happen.”