A COMMUNITY group that supports young people across the borough has launched an urgent appeal for sanitary products for those who could be forced to go without.

Ad Astra, based in New Lodge, has supported young women across the borough with menstrual essentials and support whilst the country was placed into a second lockdown.

Rachael Sharpe, from Ad Astra, has said that period products are in high demand and more donations are needed.

“We are finding there is a growing demand for sanitary products.

“I am asking for more products to be donated each week to provide to families as well as young people.

“We are running short of products and asking for donations to deliver to local families during the lockdown.

“We want to be there for those who may not be able to afford the products or who can’t get out to buy them.”

If you can help with donations, message Ad Astra Barnsley on Facebook.