BARNSLEY South East officers have warned campaigners to ‘protest peacefully’ at a contentious building site as missiles were reportedly thrown by passing cars.

Winvic Construction Ltd is currently carrying out development works just off junction 36 of the M1 at Hoyland Common.

People have been protesting against the plans which could see damage to the area and its wildlife.

PCSO Shaun McDermott has warned protesters to campaign peacefully following reports of antisocial behaviour.

He said: “It has been brought to my attention that some individuals who object to this development have made attempts to gain access to the construction site to make their feelings known.

“I am also aware that some individuals have also taken to throwing missiles at workers from passing cars.

“Enquiries are ongoing to identify those involved and direct action will be taken against the offenders.

“Whilst we understand that feelings may be running high around this development, and we absolutely respect an individual’s right to make a peaceful protest - I must stress that no persons should be entering the site unauthorised, or purposely attempting to impede operatives in carrying out their work, on site or off.

“To do so could present a clear danger to themselves and others.

“We have liaised with senior engineers at the site, and we will be carrying out targeted patrols of the location in the coming days.

“This message is sent as an appeal to people to please raise any issues that they may have with the development through the appropriate channels.”