A CHARITY shop has urged people to avoid leaving donations outside shops during the temporary closures.

The Salvation Army charity shops across the borough have had to close until December 2 due to the pandemic.

Rachel Jones, from the shop, is extremely grateful for the community’s support but has been left with no choice but to urge customers to keep hold of donations for the time being.

She said: “We politely request that you do not leave donations outside as the shop is not open and we are not working due to being furloughed.

“As there should be no charity shops open at this time across the borough, I would ask that you hold onto your donations for three weeks or look at alternative ways of recycling your unwanted goods.

“We suggest that people contact the Clothing Bank on social media who may be able to help with donations.

“We wish we could continue to take donations but it’s no longer safe or possible. We hope to see everybody back after December 2.”