POLICE across the borough will be carrying out patrols during Bonfire night to monitor any breaches to coronavirus restrictions or antisocial behaviour.

This comes after concerns were raised following increased reports of youths throwing fireworks at passing cars.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “The Halloween and Bonfire night period is going to be very different this year with organised firework displays cancelled and traditional trick-or-treating not being allowed under the government’s tier three restrictions.

“However, our officers will still be carrying out their usual increased patrols across the borough to ensure that everyone feels safe and has an enjoyable time.

“In tier three areas, such as South Yorkshire, gatherings are not permitted indoors or in private outdoor spaces.

“We continue to urge people to adhere to these restrictions throughout the ‘Dark Nights’ period, and we will continue to take a common sense and proportionate approach to any suspected breaches of Covid-19 regulations.

“Unfortunately, we have already seen increased reports of youths throwing fireworks at passing cars, people’s property and each other.

“This is incredibly dangerous and frightening for victims and witnesses and we are taking a zero tolerance approach to fireworks being set off in a reckless and dangerous manner.

“Our neighbourhood officers will be supported by other teams and partners to address these reports and take robust action.

“We are urging parents to support us in relaying this message. It’s more important than ever to know where your children are and to speak to them about the dangers of fireworks.”