GAMERS have thanked residents for their support in raising nearly £1,500 ahead of their 24-hour livestream which starts today, October 31.

Ascendancy Gaming, made up of Rob Burnett, Laura Burnett, Callum Huxley and Michael Saltis, along with streamer Mike Lawrence also known as MijMike, have challenged themselves to livestream for 24 hours straight to raise funds for The Little Princess Trust.

Mike, 33, from Darfield, has teamed up with his eight-year-old daughter Amelia by pledging to cut their hair for the cause.

Mike said: “We want to thank everyone that has backed us so far. We never expected to be raising this much and it continues to climb every single day.

“We’ve been livestreaming in the run up to the main event and we’ve had people from Barnsley pop into our chat and show their support.

“We know times are tough at the minute, so it means even more that people are digging deep and being so generous.

Mike’s stream, which started at 9am today, will encourage his audience to continue to donate throughout.

“If we reach £2,020, I’ll be cutting my hair off. This is a big deal for me because I’ve had long hair for most of my life. It’ll be a massive change but will be worth it.

“We’re doing this for The Little Princess Trust because we all know somebody who has either had cancer or been affected by it.

“To prepare for the 24-hour stream, we’ve been trying to get loads of sleep and rely on each other and the viewers to push up along.

“If we could hit our £2,020 target today, that would be incredible. Even if I have a lot less hair.”

To watch Mike’s 24-hour livestream, click here. To donate to the fundraiser, click here.