A COMMUNITY radio station which started during the peak of the coronavirus lockdown has continued to pull in local listeners.

Carlton Radio is a volunteer-led online station that focuses on updates, news and discussions on local issues, as well as playing a variety of popular music hits.

It was created by Carlton resident Christopher Groves, who wanted to unite people during the tough period when many may have felt alone.

Even though the lockdown has been lifted, volunteers aim to continue broadcasting to unite the local community.

He said: “Since we started in March, we’ve amassed more than 3,500 followers on our Facebook page and more than 100 active listeners.

“It’s more than we expected for an up-and-coming radio station so we’re incredibly pleased.

“We’ve had a selection of professional DJs who haven’t been able to do the regular pubs and clubs circuit due to Covid-19.

“With us, they’ve been broadcasting some fantastic shows for our listeners including mash-ups, 80s and 90s music.

“It’s spanned further than we initially thought. We’ve had people tune in from places we would never expect from all over the world – it just shows what a community radio station can do.

“At Carlton Radio we encourage everyone to get involved in broadcasting whether they have experience or not.

“Everybody starts somewhere and we’re always looking for feedback, criticism and opportunities.

“Thank you to our listeners who have supported us throughout a difficult period.”

For more information or to get involved in Carlton Radio, email admin@carltonradio.co.uk.