A WOMAN from Hoyland Common who was homeless for six years is now a part of the charity that turned her life around.

Laura Fieber, 27, is a project support officer at Nomad Open Doors in Sheffield – the charity which she believes saved her life.

Laura had an unhappy childhood and had depression aged seven – she left home at 16 and by 18 had moved to Sheffield with her boyfriend.

When the relationship ended, Laura was left homeless again.

“I was one of the hidden homeless,” said Laura.

“I was constantly on the move. Only the kindness of friends who offered me their sofas kept me from sleeping on the streets.

“I wouldn’t have dared to dream about the life I have now.”

After six years, Laura was referred to Nomad which helped her transition out of homelessness and develop further skills.

Laura has now gained an NVQ level two qualification in Challenging Behaviours and is working towards a level three apprenticeship.

Laura added: “This will be the highest qualification I’ve ever had and will help me grow my career.

“My job gives me security, self-esteem and a future. I can buy my own home, plan my wedding and help people who are where I was in life.”

Vernon Tolson, business development officer at The Source, where Laura studies, said: “We help many charities to develop their staff through training and apprenticeships.

“We are a charity ourselves and are proud to help Laura on her career path so she can support other people battling homelessness.”