A DISABLED man has called for the council to take ‘immediate action’ after cars continue to obstruct his wheelchair – months since his last plea.

Mark Ravenhill, 35, of Spring Grove in Carlton, who has cerebral palsy, has had ongoing issues with accessibility on his road.

For the past year, Mark has been campaigning for the council to prevent cars from parking and blocking him from passing.

Instead, Mark is forced is take to the busy road to pass, which he believes could be very dangerous.

Mark has raised his issues to the council, even asking for double yellow lines to be painted outside his home, but nothing has been done.

He said: “This has been a horrible ongoing issue that has got even worse over time and I’m at my wits end with it.

“I have rang 101 as the council have suggested and yet people continue to park here. It makes me very upset.

“Me and my wife are disabled and always get stuck here. I feel like no one is listening even though I keep reporting it.

“It’s dangerous to go on the road and I shouldn’t be forced to. I am carrying on with this campaign for everybody else who is in a wheelchair like me.

“I think the council or police should help me with this as it’s very scary at times. We’re very fed up with it all now.”

Mark has now launched an online petition to make sure all pavements are accessible for wheelchair users and mothers with prams.

Coun Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for place, environment and transport, said: “We would always advise road users to park sensibly, so they do not put themselves, other road users, or pedestrians in danger.

“If there are civil restrictions in place, such as yellow lines or waiting restrictions, then our enforcement team can monitor this and take action where appropriate.

“Where there are no civil restrictions in place, then road users have a legal right to park unless it causes an obstruction.

“Drivers who do cause an obstruction can be issued a fixed penalty by police.”

To sign the petition, click here.