A MAPPLEWELL fundraiser is bubbling over with ideas to help a local hospice through the summer and has already raised hundreds of pounds.

Sarah Conway, of Staith Lane, was inspired after seeing that Barnsley Hospice’s annual Bubble Rush event had been cancelled due to coronavirus – and wanted to help offset the huge loss in sponsorship.

The 45-year-old has been taking on foam and bubble-themed challenges, and trying to get the community involved too.

Her family have been sponsored for activities including bubblegum-blowing competitions, garden party games with bubble machines and ‘hula hoop bubbles’.

Last year’s Bubble Rush raised more than £16,000 and had been due to take place last month.

She said: “When I saw that the Bubble Rush had been cancelled, I thought it was such a shame that all the sponsorship money would be lost, so I wanted to get the community behind the idea of a ‘virtual Bubble Rush’ instead.

“For our family it’s been about anything based around bubbles, foam and colour – all the things that make the Bubble Rush such a fantastic event – and we’ve had such a laugh with it.

“It’s about using your imagination and there are things that can be done by anybody, children and adults alike. Even the biggest kids will enjoy it.”

Sarah’s efforts have raised more than £400 so far and she is determined to continue fundraising for the charity that has cared for her own family in their final days.

She added: “At some point in their lives I think everyone will appreciate what Barnsley Hospice does.

“It will either be them, or someone they know or love, who will benefit from their help. It’s such a precious charity.”

Barnsley Hospice has been losing £2,300 a day since the start of the pandemic, following the cancellation of fundraising events and the temporary closure of its charity shops.

Vicky Stead, community fundraiser at Barnsley Hospice, said: “We are so impressed by the imaginative ways that Sarah and her community are raising money, and we are hugely grateful for their support.

“It’s been a really tough time for the hospice and it’s heart-warming to see people going to so much effort to help us.”

You can keep up with Sarah’s bubble-themed fundraisers by visiting her Facebook page.