A ROYSTON litter picking group has been given more than £600 worth of equipment from a local ward alliance - thanks to an ‘ever-growing’ number of volunteers.

Sue McGougan Micklethwaite, the head of Royston Watch, has thanked the Royston Ward Alliance for its donation of £629 to help with its litter picks.

The group, which launched in February this year, has been collecting around 46 bags of waste per week around the local area.

Sue told We Are Barnsley: “We can’t thank the Royston Ward Alliance for its kind donation to help us combat litter across the community.

“The money has helped provide 25 grabbers, hoops, gloves, antibacterial hand wipes and gel.

“This is so important to help us maintain our socially distanced picks.”

The Royston pickers have collected more waste than ever thanks to a larger amount of volunteers since lockdown.

“Since lockdown, we’ve seen the number of volunteers rise with people even litter-picking as a family.

“This is lovely as it teaches children the importance of looking after where you live at a young ages. I’m thrilled that we continue to grow and again, anyone is welcome to join us.”

To volunteer with the group, visit the Royston Watch Facebook page.