AN avid angler is celebrating after winning big at a Whitby fishing competition which saw him net the largest catch.

Colin Moore, 42, of Bishops Way, Monk Bretton, earned the £500 first place prize at the Whitby Fishing Festival on July 18 after he caught the largest fish of the day.

During the ten-hour trip, Colin netted the 11lb 3oz cod which bagged him the prize.

“We fish at the festival every year,” said Colin’s father-in-law, Barry Lyles, 71.

“We love going fishing together and we were out at sea from 7am until about 5pm.

“We always try to make it a little competition because we are both very competitive, but none of my fish held a candle up to Colin’s.”

The anglers were aboard the Jean-Kay boat and despite the gloomy weather, Barry said they enjoyed their time at sea.

“The weather has got to be just right for fishing,” said Barry, of Fountains Way, Monk Bretton.

“Colin got ten fish fillets from his catch so I think he is happy, along with the prize money, of course.”