A BARNSLEY vet service has urged pet owners to avoid leaving their dogs in hot cars during this week's hot weather.

Abbey Vets, which has six branches across the borough, released information on its Facebook page to help pet owners to keep their furry companions cool and safe as temperatures are set to soar this week.

In the post the vets urged owners to avoid car trips wherever possible, and to limit dog walks to the cooler part of the day to avoid burning dogs' paws.

It was also advised to carry a supply of water to help pets to cool down.

Principal vet at the Dodworth Road branch, Dr Tony Duffy said: “During this very unusually hot weather which is fantastic for us we need to remember it is very dangerous for our furry friends.

“They cannot take off a layer or two to cool down. If they fall asleep in the sun, or don’t have access to plenty of fresh cool water your best friend could get heat stroke which can kill.

“If you your pet has heat stroke, drape your pet in towel soaked in cold water and contact your vet immediately. Time is very important.

“Dogs die in hot cars, please do not leave your pet in your car - even if you will be gone a short while.”