A BARNSLEY youngster has tallied the total of her scented soap sales, raising more than £400 for a local charity that was struggling for cash.

Four-year-old Effie Carr, from Kestrel Road, Wilthorpe, has been crafting her very own bars to sell and raise money for Barnsley Hospice.

Effie’s dad, Brett, has returned to work full-time meaning that Effie will no longer be able to continue her fundraising efforts, but has donated her final sales to the charity after hearing its appeal before lockdown that it was strapped for funds.

Brett said: “She is happy she raised a final total of £441 for Barnsley Hospice.

“She’s always loved making things, so it’s been fantastic to see her do this.

“Someone bought her a simple soap making kit a while back, and since then I have bought her moulds and better quality ingredients.

“I’m not sure she understands how much it really is, I was tempted to draw it out of the bank to help her see her achievement but due to the outbreak, I figured that the Hospice wouldn’t appreciate it in that way.

“Unfortunately we’ve had to bring it to an end as both her mum and dad are back at work so we don’t have time to continue.

“We are amazed at how well relieved it was. The furthest we sent soap was Southampton but word spread and orders kept flying in.

“We wanted to thank the people of Barnsley and beyond as people bought soap but also made donations, we never dreamed it would be so popular.”