A NURSE at Barnsley Hospital has paid tribute to his fellow NHS workers in a painting that encourages people to see the ‘bigger picture’.

David Bissell, a lead nurse from Dodworth, has created a portrait that symbolises all of the NHS workers across the borough.

The 54-year-old was inspired to paint the portrait after the efforts made by key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

“The painting is an amalgamation of all the nurses in intensive care who I have the pleasure of working with,” David said.

“I was inspired by my amazing colleagues and those working on the frontline to create the painting – I wanted to donate it to the intensive care unit at our hospital.

“I’ve always splashed paint about, I used to paint a lot years ago but recently I have picked the paint brush up again.

“Painting, for me, is a chance to take a breather in an unprecedented time.”

The painting was made with slashes of the paint brush, which David used intentionally to recreate the chaotic nature of the outbreak.

“When Covid-19 hit, it was total chaos and not just for Barnsley, but the whole of the UK.

“When you look at the painting from close up, you would think it was absolutely chaotic.

“The idea is that you step back, refocus and see the bigger picture.

“My fellow NHS staff and workers have been absolutely brilliant, they have worked day and night, and this is dedicated to them.”