South Yorkshire police has released information which could help people who are trapped in an abusive relationship seek help.

The ’999 Silent Solution’ has been introduced as a way to help people who may not be able to speak call for an emergency service.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “If you need immediate and emergency help, please call 999. The operator will ask you some questions please do not simply press ‘55’ and hang up. This may not have the desired effect and your call may not be seen for what it is – a genuine emergency call.

“The operator may ask you to cough, or press your keypad if you’re able. This lets them know that you’re listening, that you’re there but it isn’t safe for you to speak.

“The operator will then ask you to press ’55’. This lets them know that it’s an emergency call and they will make an assessment based on what they can hear in the background, to determine the level of response.”

You can also report domestic abuse by calling 101 or report the crime online via the South Yorkshire Police website.