A WOMAN from Elsecar has hidden eight rainbow slates around her local park to boost morale during the coronavirus outbreak.

Faith Round, from Cobcar Street in Elsecar, is encouraging people to find her eight rainbow slates that she has hidden around Elsecar Reservoir.

The 22-year-old drew the slates at home after picking up the craft during the lockdown.

Faith teased some of the locations on social media, and hopes that families enjoy the challenge of trying to find them on their daily walk.

Faith told We Are Barnsley: “Since lockdown I’ve been looking for things to do to keep myself busy, and I think at this point I’ve tried every craft there is.

“I wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces and thought the best way to do this was to make a game for families out for their daily walk.

“So I hid the slates around the reservoir and posted it to my Facebook to get others involved.

“Me and my fiancé went out for a walk yesterday and we saw an old couple take a picture of one of my slates which made my day.

“I would love for other people around Elsecar to get involved and try to find my slates. “Hopefully, it’ll bring a smile to people’s faces which is all we can do at a time like this.”