A FACEBOOK group has launched an urgent appeal discouraging walkers from feeding other people’s horses - after three horses have died in the area.

The South and West Yorkshire Horse Watch have warned horse owners of trespassers in Mapplewell, Darfield and Cudworth who have been reportedly feeding and petting the horses.

This comes after another horse died yesterday near Mapplewell Meadows due to colic, which is abdominal pain in horses, and can be caused by horses eating different foods.

A spokesperson for South and West Yorkshire Horse Watch said: “We are begging the members of the public while out walking not to feed other people’s horses.

“Over the past two weeks in our area alone, there’s been three deaths of horses that’s happened due to colic - one of the reasons for colic is horses eating something they shouldn’t.

“We know this a well meaning gesture but please don’t do it, it could cost our horses their lives.”