A WOMAN from Great Houghton has started a sewing network to make PPE headbands for NHS staff.

Linzi Adams, 34, of John Street, has had her own sewing company for the past ten years, but due to a drop in orders decided to do something for the NHS.

She said: “I have two cousins who work up at the hospital, so when my orders for the business started to drop, I thought that I’d do something to help them.

“I know a lot of people are complaining about the way the current PPE is damaging their ears and skin, so the idea of making an elastic strap for them sprung to mind.

“It was only supposed to be for my cousins but they were received so well, so I had to make some more.”

Over 100 have already gone to Barnsley Hospital, but Linzi is asking for volunteers to help her meet the current demand.

“I set up a Facebook group on Monday night, and we’ve already got more than 200 people in there who say they’re happy to help one way or another,” Linzi said.

“I think it shows what a wonderful community it is that we live in, everyone seems to be getting involved.

“There’s people outside of Great Houghton getting involved as well, which is absolutely fantastic.”

Linzi is asking for either material or monetary donations, as equipment may get thin on the ground.

“I’ve sent out sewing packs to the people that have asked for help, and I’ve received a lot of donations already, but if we’re to do this for as long as we hope, we do need more,” she added.

“Whether it be elastic, buttons or help sewing them, everything is a huge help.”

Friend Nat Auckland, 29, said: “Once I saw what Linzi was doing I couldn’t wait to get involved with it, I can’t sew or anything so I decided to give some money so she can get some materials.

“It shows what a great community we live in when there’s this many people that are helping, it’s wonderful.”

To make a donation, or to find out more, visit the ‘Help Our Keyworkers, South Yorkshire’ Facebook group.