TWO sisters who wanted to raise money for a charity close to their hearts have devised a fun way to generate funds – without leaving their homes.

Gemma Bann, 28, and Laura Sykes, 25, wanted to help raise money for a charity – PACT – which helps families of children with tumours and leukaemia after their grandparents were unable to run their annual fundraising campaign.

“Our grandparents own the Woodland View caravan site in Hoylandswaine and every year they try to raise as much money for PACT as they can,” said Gemma, of Stottercliffe Road, Penistone.

“Because of the virus they can’t open the campsite and they can’t raise any money so Laura and I decided to try to raise as much as we can to make up for them being unable to.”

The sisters have another reason for wanting to help the Sheffield-based charity as aged just five, Gemma was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and relied on the services PACT provided.

“I don’t really remember a lot about being in hospital,” said Gemma. “I just remember the good things like going on PACT trips to Sundown and going to their Christmas party, I even got to meet The Spice Girls.

“PACT helped us a lot and helped me to have fun while I was poorly and now that’s the only thing I can remember.”

To help raise funds, and people’s spirits, Laura and Gemma have devised a unique way of fundraising.

Dubbed ‘The Pillow Challenge’, the sisters are challenging people to make an outfit using a pillow, and to tag their friends to join in the fun.

“You can use a belt or shoes to accessorise, but the main part of your outfit has to be a pillow,” added Gemma. “We wanted to make a challenge that is fun, and that people could do at home.

“Our hope is that people will then tag their friends to try the challenge and that more people will do the challenge through social media.”

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