A WOMBWELL woman managed to spread joy on Easter Sunday by delivering eggs to children across her estate.

Julie Popplewell, 58 of Rutland Place, dressed as the Easter bunny last weekend to pass the chocolate eggs to people in Wombwell.

She said: “It was just meant to be a little thing to surprise the children next door but it turned into something a lot bigger very quickly.

“I was getting messages from people across the street asking me to surprise their children, social distancing of course, and before I knew it I was delivering eggs to the whole estate.

“The kids were all over the moon when they saw me, it made it all worth it to see the joy on all of their faces.”

Julie has eleven grandchildren, so spreading acts of kindness to the kids around her is something she felt was necessary to do.

She added: “It was a real family effort, with me running out of eggs so quickly, I needed help from my family who sourced some more.

“It was a real community effort and that’s exactly what we need at the moment – community spirit.”

Louise Clark, Julie’s neighbour said this is not something out of the ordinary for Julie to do.

She said: “I looked out of my window and it was so nice to see the bunny there, I immediately thought it was her daughter’s partner because I’d seen a post on Facebook but as soon as I heard the voice I knew exactly who it was.

“Julie was going back in to her home to get more eggs to pass to the children in the area, she really does have a heart of gold.”