A DEVASTATING fire that ripped through the home of a disabled woman and her daughter has left them with nothing after all their possessions were destroyed in the flames.
On Easter Monday, Bethany Rich, 22, returned to the bungalow she shares with her mum, Barbara, 63, on Thomas Street, Worsbrough Bridge and heard what she described as a ‘crackling noise’ coming from the roof.
Minutes later the house was engulfed in flames – which left Barbara trapped in the house.
“We could both hear a crackling noise but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” said Bethany.
“Then we heard this really loud bang and the electricity went out and I looked up into the attic and just saw flames ripping through the roof.”
Bethany alerted Barbara to the fire but was unable to reach her in time as flames started falling from the ceiling. Having no choice but to leave Barbara, Bethany ran out of the house to get help.
“I ran out of the house screaming,” said Bethany. “I didn’t know what to do and I was so worried about my mum being trapped in there while the house was burning. All you could see was thick black smoke and it was terrifying.”
Barbara was pulled out of the bungalow by her neighbours and her other daughter, Cathryn Bristow, who had to break a window to get to her.
“Mum had managed to walk around to the window and was waving for help,” added Bethany. “She can’t walk very far so it must have been a struggle for her to even do that.”
Firefighters from three crews were called to the scene to help put out the fire but smoke and water damage has left Bethany and Barbara with nothing.
“We’ve lost everything,” said Bethany. “All our photos, clothes, jewellery – everything is just completely ruined. We’ve had to move into mum’s boyfriend’s house as we’ve got nowhere to stay.”
A GoFundMe page has been created to help raise money for the pair, as Barbara didn’t have home insurance before the fire.
A spokesperson from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: “Firefighters from Barnsley, Cudworth and Tankersley were called to a house fire on Thomas Street at 10.56am.
“This fire started from burning embers that had been placed into the wheelie bin the night before, setting fire to the bin, spreading to the house and roof space and trapping a woman inside.
“She was rescued from the property and taken to hospital, along with her daughter. Both casualties were suffering from smoke inhalation. Crews had extinguished the fire, and left the scene, by 3.55pm.”
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