A SECOND Barnsley man has been charged following an alleged armed robbery and the theft of a car.

Just before 4pm on September 10, two men entered the Premier Store in Burncross Road, Sheffield, with one man holding a knife and the other holding a screwdriver, according to police.

During the incident, the shop’s owner is said to have been threatened as the men took two charity boxes and cash from in the till.

Somewhere between £500 and £700 is understood to have been stolen along with 100 packets of cigarettes and the victim’s wallet.

Barnsley man Scott Bell, 26 was charged on Monday with robbery and possession of an offensive weapon. He will appear at Sheffield Crown Court on March 24.

On February 17, Steven Gillis, 42, of Victoria Street, was charged with robbery and theft of a motor vehicle. He is currently remanded in custody and will appear in court on March 17.